West Virginia: Funeral Preparations & Why Charleston and I Are Not Friends Yet

The recent happenings in my life will likely inspire several blog posts. I just wanted to give you readers and update. Tony and I are sitting in a McDonalds in Charleston, West Virginia and I thought it would be a good time to do a little blogging. We are waiting for my uncle Jadon’s flight to come in. He missed his flight, so it will be six hours later than planned. His day isn’t turning out very well.

Meanwhile, Tony and I have been having some good brother bonding time at Mickey D’s. The drive to Charleston is around 2 and a half hours. It has been good to have a chance to drive somewhere together and listen to music together. To talk about music together. To simply enjoy the great thing called a brother.

We have already walked around downtown and it’s really deserted, and frankly, it’s a little boring on a Sunday afternoon–except for the isolated incident of a large gangster-looking man kind of facing toward us and acting like he wanted something as we went past. I tried to ignore him but it’s a little tough when he is large and acting like he would like to mug you.

Okay, maybe I don’t know what it looks like when someone wants to mug you, but I have a good imagination. Those imaginations continued when he followed us down the street a ways. Tony said afterward he wondered if we wanted to be carrying our laptops right then. I hadn’t thought of that but I concurred.

Yes, Charleston, you are a nice old town. You have tall shiny buildings. You have a lot of history, but you have almost no coffee shops. And the Starbucks you have are inside other buildings, like medical centers and hotels. This is why I am sipping a McCafe hazelnut latte instead of a real one. This is why we can’t be friends. And this is why this relationship can’t go any farther than us being mere acquaintances. Sorry. You’re just not my type.

I have never had a grandparent, or anyone super close to me die before so this whole things is pretty new to me. Grandma died on Saturday morning around 2:40–just a little before we left from Kansas to head for West Virginia.

We arrived around 9:30 and let’s just say it wasn’t a normal arrival at Grandpa’s house. I’ve never come there and had it be so sad and quiet. We were all very glad to see each other, but there was a lot of grief and tension from the last weeks still in the releasing process.

I felt two things. I had been so detached from the whole thing, that the best way I can describe it is a type of weird numbness. I also felt really sorry for the rest of the aunts and uncles that had been there and hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep since almost two weeks ago when Grandma first started having her problems. God bless them for their sacrifices.

I have felt a little self pity for myself and spring break not being what I expected, but it’s really nothing compared to what the rest of the family has experienced over the last while. Their lives have been really out of whack lately and they finally got a good night of sleep last night.

Today preparations are being made for a Tuesday funeral. Tomorrow we will be making more preparations. I think I am going to help dig her grave. That will be an honor.

I also can’t describe how good it is to breathe this fresh West Virginia mountain air again. I almost forgot what it smelled like: that fresh, misty, cool, woodsy smell with just a hint of woodsmoke complementing it. It would take a long time to describe the nostalgic scenes that roll through the film reel of my mind, the memories I have made in the woods of West Virginia close to Grandpas house. I am still sorting out all this stuff in my mind.

Right now I know two things. God is good and Grandma has a better voice than I could ever dream of having, even if I took voice lessons for the rest of my life. The cool thing is, she might be standing beside Seth, Casey, Deborah, and also Kristin’s mom. They are making some really gorgeous music right now, and I can’t wait to help them once my voice and the rest of my body has also been redeemed.


One comment on “West Virginia: Funeral Preparations & Why Charleston and I Are Not Friends Yet

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m praying for you, bro.

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