Slow Down

Yesterday I wrote about fall and how it makes me feel like I need to slow down and enjoy the stuff God made. He put it out there for His pleasure and ours, and it must make Him sad when only a few people stop to enjoy it.

Last weekend when I was coming driving back to Copeland, the sunset was just beginning as I started. It was pretty incredible, because it seemed like an especially slow sunset. Some of them are over before you know it, but this one too its good old time. I thought to myself, I really don’t have much need to hurry. I should take pictures of this. So I did.

I ended up stopping beside the road probably half a dozen times at different points during the sunset to take pictures of it.

You know those big DSLR cameras that make you look cool? You know, those cameras that, if you walk around with one hanging from your neck, people look at you like you’re important, or ask, “Are you a photographer?” I don’t have one of those. It’s not a camera that makes anyone ask any questions. Except maybe, “Why are you trying to shoot that with such a camera?”

I kind of wish I was a photographer. But that’s another subject altogether.

The point is, even though I didn’t take any absolutely, smashing, knock-your-socks-off photos, I did come away with the sense that I had properly enjoyed what God put out there for me. I was actually kind of pleased with a few of them.

Here are a some of my favorites.


One comment on “Slow Down

  1. Sherilyn Miller says:

    Just love that Kansas sky!!!!

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