Art Giveaway

We interrupt our not-so-regularly scheduled blogging to bring you a special offer. This post really contains none of my musings, but is instead a bit of promotion for a friend. Rebecca Yoder has kindly offered to give this beautiful original painting to anyone who will help share the word and give it a good home. You also have a chance to win this fine piece of work if you follow the instructions. Click here for more information. Just know that if you win it (which would mean that I wouldn’t) I will be very disappointed in you. Now go, with the knowledge that our friendship may be in jeopardy if you win it.


One comment on “Art Giveaway

  1. Elaine says:

    Yeah, but, I was first.

    And if this depended on something other than sheer chance I would laugh at your hopes of ownership, since she told me that if she would have known I like/liked it so much she would have GIVEN it to me as a moving-so-far-away gift.

    As the state of affairs currently stands… I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    BUT, if you win, there is no guarantee that I won’t fix you with a stony glare if you so much as happen to HINT at your blessing!

    may the best man – I mean WOMAN win!

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